Thunderbird is an effective email client that has become useful as an open source, a cross-platform utility that can be availed for free. It is a client for instant messaging that is known for its products in the category of office. And its development credits go to the Mozilla community. Yet, EssentialPIM is a valuable alternative to thunderbird.

    Although there is good security for email accounts to provide seamless functioning, some issues like modernization of the software, and unavailability of functions like drag and drop. Also, the user interface of the old model makes Thunderbird of restricted use.

    So if you are in search of an email client that also overcomes the drawbacks Thunderbird has to offer in addition to its functionality you can switch to a more vital software – EssentialPIM. Not only is it a productive email client but it also provides utilities like Calendar and Tasks scheduling. As well as management of contacts and passwords, etc. through its modules. Let’s see how it provides utility over Thunderbird through its efficient modules.

    Email Module

    Emails have become the proper source of communication. However, when you are maintaining multiple emails, it becomes crucial to maintain them and sort them on the basis of their utilities. It may make you overcome or miss important conversations that put you in a losing state. But with EssentialPIM’s mail module you can use all your integrated emails under a common umbrella where you cannot miss even a single message.

    The PGP encryption makes sure your crucial data is not falling into the wrong hands at any time and IMAP. Exchange and POP protocols provide the facility of having command over your mail service provider. You can use rich format or plain text to form the email body as per your choice along with full accessibility in internet connectivity of restricted use.

    The indication for fresh emails can be spotted instantly with EssentialPIM making sure you are not missing any meaningful information. And can take the needed actions quickly.

    If you like to add some fun to your work you can utilize the functionality of adding emojis in your messages while sending emails to your friends or family. It will help you express your emotions in a better way. Although if you are a person with fewer words it helps you in giving an expression to your emails.

    You can also use categories in a multicolored way so it’s easier to find them instantly. If you wish your messages to vanish automatically after the lapse of a certain period. Then make use of a feature for auto-archiving them.

    Calendar Module

    A valuable alternative to thunderbird

    The Calendar module lets you be productive along with achieving your set goals in time. You can expect timely reminders from EssentialPIM for your assignments, meetings, or other important stuff. It helps to grab yourself some minutes in advance for preparation. There are many views like day, week, month, etc. to view your schedule in different ways as per your work.

    In addition to this, you can not only create but also utilize the facility of accessing separate calendars. This can help for tracking your schedules catering to multiple categories like Work, Home. etc. You can also overlay them as per your preference to see if some event is clashing and act accordingly. The smaller calendars and tasks can access from the sidebar when you open any module.

    It makes management of personal and professional engagements go hand in hand without a clash. With an uncomplicated facility of drag and drop, you can use any calendar easily with a single click.

    Notes Module

    EssentialPIM review

    If you are an organized person and love to take notes of important discussions or note down minutes of a meeting to ponder upon later on then EssentialPIM will make this work pretty easy. With its Notes module, you can never lose the information or important points that you prepared for your presentation or otherwise. Unlike pen and paper your notes are readily available here and each time new information add from where they get updated. You also get the previous version’s facility to turn back to old notes if you don’t want to use the modified version.

    You can also add reference emojis to make your notes taking process more fun and engaging. The facility of sticky notes can prove useful as a takeaway when you are in a hurry to attend an event.

    Contacts Module

    A valuable alternative to thunderbird

    With EssentialPIM which is a valuable alternative to thunderbird, you will be able to store and edit your contacts in a quick way. However, in the contacts module, you get the expertise of creating print envelopes and newsletters along with labels. Once you save any contact use the filters to find them on time. Along with this, there are various fields to add customization to your contacts by saving information. Like the last name, contact number, email address, etc.

    When you let EssentialPIM store your contacts it lets you access them via mediums like Google, Android, etc. to make it an on-the-go facility.

    Passwords Module

    If you are in the habit of creating unique passwords but can’t remember them on time be assured with EssentialPIM to store them without worry. Yet, you can use defined patterns or organize the passwords in groups, this password management tool will allow you to do it all. Although, you can also use hierarchical groups for arranging your passwords in a neat way. You do not need to remember them too as the software will auto-type them in the web forms saving you extra minutes.

    Tasks Module

    It is so useful to find a task list aligned as per your day and what’s better if you find one before starting your day, EssentialPIM helps you with that. You can find your necessary tasks lined up sequentially for your day. And can also change the arrangement with the hierarchy of importance or urgency of tasks.

    The auto-deletion feature makes the completed tasks vanish after the lapse of a certain period of time. There is a facility for adding the due date and start date for a particular task to keep track of time. It also helps when you have to assign the task to someone else. Moreover, you can see unfinished tasks floating as an automatic feature here. And if they are not complete find them intact and in place unless they are completed.

    You can also visualize all your tasks through Kanban Board to keep an eye on your efficiency. However, you can monitor progress on a daily basis or during various work stages.


    A valuable alternative to thunderbird

    If you do not want to miss highlights of a critical event, messages or tasks, etc. the Today feature of EssentialPIM makes it available for you. Along with appointments or upcoming tasks you can also see any unread emails in this module.

    You can also keep a tab over completed tasks enlisted in front of you. And if you do not wish to see the listing of tasks make them disappear by unchecking the feature.

    Final Words

    Like Thunderbird, EssentialPIM is also an email client that is made with the perspective of making you handle the work in a comfortable way. With it, you will never feel your job or life is less organized. Because it is a valuable alternative to Thunderbird. And you are not able to manage your meetings efficiently. Rather with this software, you get an amazingly interactive user interface that is modern. Along with useful drag and drop functions and shortcuts to make your work more smooth. These are some utilities that are missing in Thunderbird.

    EssentialPIM is cross-platform multilingual adequacy that you can carry while traveling on a USB flash drive. Otherwise without the need of taking along your laptop. With its AES 256-bit key encryption be assured of the safety of your system’s accessibility. Additionally, EssentialPIM provides the necessary framework so that any curveballs are tossed at you. You will be able to handle them seamlessly.


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