Bluetooth headphones work perfectly for listening to music or watching movies, but they are inferior for gaming and business life. To tackle all business meetings and calls, you must have a headphone that is good in quality voice transmission with a crisp and clear tone. You will surely find all these features in EMEET HS150 Bluetooth headset and microphone. 

    EMEET has produced an HS150 headset with a microphone, which is ideal for business conference calls and good for music. More often than not, the gaming world also demands the exact requirements of headphones. Whenever a gamer is connected to a gaming application with someone in another part of the world, it is hard to hear them out clearly. 

    However, EMEET HS150 is highly used to communicate with your player effectively. Are you also the one facing a communication gap with your gaming team? Don’t you be sad! Buy this recommended headset to beat all the current technical faults. 

    While pairing this Bluetooth headset with your device, you will find a multi-task product that perfectly serves music, calls, and gaming while controlling sound bass levels. You can control the upcoming voice volume from low to high by wearing a headset. 

    Without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the top-rated features of EMEET HS150.

    Best Features of EMEET HS150 Bluetooth headset and microphone

    1. Noise cancellation

    EMEET has manufactured six mics with its headset to avoid external noise. Working in a crowded area will automatically cancel the surrounding noise while focusing on your voice delivered to the other person. In the crisis of covid’19, working from home for business concerns was an uphill task. But, EMEET HS150 act as a lifesaver for working individuals. 

    EMEET HS100 Bluetooth headset and microphone

    With its usage, employees can work within a room full of family members without worrying about noise. If you work from home, this product is 100% for you. VoiceIA, audio processing technology, is developed inside the microphone to block noise from surroundings. That is why EMEET HS150 is genuine in noise cancellation properties that is a great choice for freelancers.


    2. Contains 3 modes to control various situations

    EMEET HS150 Bluetooth headset and microphone contain three modes to resolve three types of problems. On the headset, the blue light on the earcup comes into existence when you want to concentrate on your current work.

    It means no one will disturb you while in workaholic mode. The second mode is the mute key. It will be seen on the adjacent side of the headset. Tap it to switch on the mute key to mute your voice to hear the other team members with clarity. 

    Otherwise, you will feel embarrassed to request them to repeat their strategic points during a business meeting. The ambient sound key will help you listen to other people or your surrounding people without taking off headsets paired with your device. 

    3. Comfort zone

    EMEET has brought the coolest yet mega-trendy featured product into your life. That is why your meetings and gamings go smoothly. While putting headsets around your ears will never tire you with swellness or ear irritation. The latest technology has been applied inside the product to keep your ears healthy throughout the day. That is why you work peacefully in a comfort zone. 

    This product has been amazing, with its customers functioning properly to reduce passive noise while working on various daily projects. For every person like you, it can be a great fit for daily work. It will not get loose in size while wearing it every other day. Therefore, you can use it in the long run.

    4. Long-lasting battery

    In work mode, you always desire a headset that stays active in battery life throughout the day. Now, this problem has been solved! Because EMEET HS150 Bluetooth headset and microphone offer you up to 48 hours of battery life. Now, you can undoubtedly focus on your tasks without overthinking battery life. 

    EMEET HS100 Bluetooth headset and microphone

    More often than not, it can be a travel partner to attend events and meetings simultaneously. Therefore, you can have efficient, non-stop discussions virtually on this headset. You can plug in a USB charger to enjoy your playtime on your computer.

    5. Use 7 languages for reminders

    This product offers you to make reminders in seven different languages. It means people from every part of the world can surely rely upon this Bluetooth headset. These reminders act as a voice in various modes. The voice will pop up with battery reminder, notification reminder, call reminder, and reset reminder. 

    6. 2 modes of connectivity

    You will be given two choices in connecting devices with your EMEET HS150 Bluetooth headset and microphone. Connecting with devices in a wireless or wired mode depends on your taste. If you are willing to join a game champion league on a computer, you can use wired headset connectivity to avoid ambiguity. 

    For the latest phones or computers, they give you an option to connect with wireless mode. Therefore, you can utilize both options with ease. These two options are given to its reliable customers because EMEET is dedicated to fulfilling every one’s requirement. People who do not have the latest phones or laptops can buy this product too. 

    7. Focus on the user’s voice

    This product is created with the latest technology to resist outsourcing voices or noises while communicating with your boss. Imagine having a call with your boss, and the boss gets irritated with your background noise. Does that make you feel embarrassed in front of him? 

    emeet HS100 Bluetooth headset and microphone

    Of course, it will seem like unprofessionalism from your sight. Therefore, EMEET HS150 headset can be a rescue for you. With its pairing mode with the device, you can freely talk with your boss with crystal clear voice delivery.

    8. Durability

    Every user will have a durable headset, but it also has a criterion to enjoy its usage carefully. Always keep the mic at a distance from your mouth whenever you use a headset. The reason is very scientific. Whenever you start a conversation, saliva from your mouth can damage the quality of the mic. As a result, you will reduce the life cycle of the product.

    On the other case, you can protect yourself while keeping the mic at a distance. After doing it daily, you can enhance the life cycle 10 times more than the original life duration. That is how you will have a durable EMEET HS150 Bluetooth headset and microphone.

    9. 120-degree rotatable boom mic fixation

    The best part of using EMEET headset is that it allows 120-degree rotation to fix your mic position. Everyone has a different face shape and length. Therefore, the rotating feature helps you fix the mic’s angle according to ease. That is why you feel required to ask for a customization option. 

    You will fix the position of the mic with stability. Your mic will not move from its original position whenever you have a conversation. Hence, you will stay calm while talking on the mic.

    10. Compatibility with ultra-wide specs

    EMEET HS150 has a partnership with other platforms to have a smooth meeting. Before its discovery, people faced issues connecting on a skype call through another headset. Some platforms do not allow connectivity with headsets. But EMEET has changed it all. If you have faced the same issue, connect with the EMEET HS150 Bluetooth headset and microphone. 

    With its pairing mode, you can have an error-free conversation on various platforms like Skype, hangout, zoom, and other popular voice call applications. That is why major businesses highly use this Bluetooth headset to connect with international clients. Therefore, you can also take positive advantage of your business calls that will ultimately lead to success. 

    Why you should buy EMEET HS150 Bluetooth headset and microphone

    1. HD sound quality

    Before buying a headset, you should know the frequency of the voice and its sound quality. Whenever you want to buy a headset for work or gaming, you should check the sound quality of the headset. The sound quality should be in an HD zone. Moreover, you can ask the salesmen to give you a demo before packing a product. 

    You can test this product by connecting to a call or listening to a piece of music. More often than not, it should contain a feature of noise reduction and wind reduction. If that feature is lacking in one headset, it will be a regret buying for you.

    2. Battery life

    The battery life of a product should last for at least half of the day. If it is not reachable, it is not a good selection for work basis. That is why you should read the instruction carefully before buying it.

    In general, it is always trusted that bigger headphones give a high volume of audio. But the induction of the latest technology has proved it wrong. If a headset develops the latest audio programming technology, a product will last 24 hours or more than if it is fully charged. Therefore, you should keep this thing on your notice before buying it. More often than not, you can view the overall reviews of their reliable customers.

    If you are satisfied, you should give the headset a try once. Many local headsets offer more than 24 hours of battery life, but they are minor in other features. It offers 48 hours of battery life. Hence, select a Bluetooth headset based on other useful features, too, because it will stay durable for years.

    3. Installation of the latest features

    Latest features like voice commands and reminders should be present in one headset. If the product is not giving value per the world’s trends, it is not applicable. Therefore, a product should follow the acceptance of the trendy feature. Otherwise, you will stay behind the technology usage. 

    Everyone will stay with the modernism and trends to look chic and perfect in this world. Likewise, your accessories speak loudly about your personality too. Yet, you should keep the latest features on your priority checklist. 

    4. Comfortable wear

    A comfortable headset is a blessing in a business person’s life. Without looking for a comfort zone, you feel stressed with headaches, ear irritation, and ear canal pain. It seems normal to you but can be miserable in the long run. Therefore, you should buy a headset that provides comfortable speaker cushions embedded inside the headset. 

    With its installation, your ear feels burdenless and less pressured. Many people suffer from ear aching while wearing the headset for several hours. You can beat this issue by preferring a headset that offers a comfort zone throughout its life cycle.

    5. Required accessories

    Many companies offer a good pair of headsets without providing accessories like an extra mic and USB c charger. You have to buy it separately. For some people, it will go out of budget. Therefore, you should prefer EMEET HS150 headset that provides all related accessories in its package. 

    However, there will be no need to buy accessories like a mic and speaker cushion for at least two to three years. If these accessories are inside the package, as per the company’s rule, you are in a safe spot.

    Final Thoughts

    Give yourself a moment of appreciation for reaching the end of the article. Now, you have become a pro in acknowledging yourself on EMEET HS150 Bluetooth headset and microphone. Our experience using EMEET HS150 will help you trust its features and rush to buy it as soon as possible for your convenience.

    When you don’t have the right headsets, connecting with employees with noise in your place or surroundings is impossible. There is only one solution to beat this problem. It is only the usage of a Bluetooth headset that blocks the wind and noise in your surroundings.

    We will also love to hear from you if you have any related stories to tell your fellows. You will surely get a reply from our team within 24 hours. In addition to it, ask your queries in the comment section. We will be glad to solve your issues within some minutes.

    Till next time, keep going in the technical world!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Which headset with a mic is best?

    If the mic is the only concern for a purchase, you should prefer EMEET headset. The reason for preferring it is that it has a mic that has a 120-degree rotatable feature. Due to its rotating benefit, you can set the mic position as per your mood. If you are uncomfortable with having a mic right in front of your mouth, you can keep it at a distance.
    While conversing with your employees, you will stay relaxed without getting irritated with the mic. Therefore, buy EMEET HS150 Bluetooth headset that keeps your comfort zone as the biggest concern.

    Q: Are Bluetooth headphones safe?

    Yes, Bluetooth headsets are completely fine for the health of your ears. If the headset does not approve of having ear cushions inside, it can cause headaches. If you want a headset for everyday use, you should prefer EMEET headset because it is created per medical advice. Therefore, you can give them a try to avoid daily headache issues. With its usage, your health will stay fine and safe. Hence, you can trust the quality of EMEET in terms of health.

    Q: Is Bluetooth safe from hackers?

    Using a Bluetooth connection with a headset is safe from hackers. If you keep Bluetooth on for your device, there is a chance of invading your privacy. That is why you should keep it off when there is no need. If you are in pairing mode, hackers cannot attack your software and hijacks them. You can surely beat them by inducing anti-virus and extra protection. Anti-virus will inform you about the attack of hackers. Therefore, you can take action at the right time.

    Q: What is the side effects of Bluetooth headset?

    Bluetooth headset will only affect your body when it is not dedicated to giving you protection. Using such a headset can face migraine problems, tumors, genetic damage, cellular stress, and other kinds of cancer. You can surely have protection within the Bluetooth headset if it provides the right features and health concerns. Before buying any headset, make sure to read the manual carefully. If they include health concerns as the priority, don’t avoid buying them.

    Q: Can someone connect to my Bluetooth without me knowing?

    Anyone can indeed access your phone system in an unauthorized way by connecting on Bluetooth. It would be best if you turned the Bluetooth connection off whenever you were done with headset work and gaming. In that way, no one can enter your phone privacy. It is the only way of accessing your phone. So, never leave it on without pairing mode. If you want Bluetooth on, you should pair it with your Bluetooth headset. In addition to it, you can detect connectivity data through settings. You can detect the paired person or make it private for your work. 



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