In the technical world, technical accessories play a significant role in running businesses. Most importantly, your phone is the priority for multi-purposes. Are you searching for a device to keep your battery 100%? Don’t lose hope! Because VOLTME GaN USB C charger 100W offers 100W capacity to charge your smart devices quickly.

    Whenever you have a business trip, you can effortlessly carry a Voltme charger to get an efficient result. Voltme gan USB c charger has the potential to charge MacBooks, laptops, and phones. Whenever you are getting late, you always crave the fastest charging solution. If it is correct, you should utilize the benefits of the Voltme charger. It will take around 20-30 minutes to charge your battery fully.

    With its emerging demand, consumers are highly involved in buying 100W Voltme chargers that are easy for pocket fit. More often than not, this 100W charger can be your travel partner to give you a high-performance experience. In ancient times, chargers were not immune to circuit breaks. Yet, with GAN technology, the charger provided powerful charging at high wattage in a convenient size.

    Trending Features of VOLTME GaN USB C Charger 100W 

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    1. External Designing

    Voltme GaN c 100W charger is manufactured with the latest accessible grip technology. Its weight is convenient and easy to carry in any situation. The modern world requires a chic and classy look for every product. So the company has initiated to look over these terms to lose many customers. That is why you will find this charger in an ultimate chic look that speaks loud about your royal choice.

    The selection of its color and body structure is all covered to let it stand uniquely in the eyes of the world. If you are leaving for a business trip, store this charger in your bag to see desirable results. The texture on the outer surface is a matt finish in white color. All charger edges are rounded off whenever you are willing to keep it in your pocket. That is how it has been kept safe and secure for many years.

    On the right side of the charger, you will observe three USB ports. With this advantage, you can charge your three devices at one time.

    2. Charging Potential

    Unlike a less watt charger, this charger has the capability to deliver high power to the battery. This charger is designed with three USB ports. You can attach three charging cables to receive high-performance battery life. Emphasis will be intelligently divided among three ports whenever you connect three devices to it to give efficient results.

    Within 30 minutes, your phone will have up to 50% charging. Are you confused about selecting the best watt charger? If you want a fast charging accessory for your devices, you prefer a Voltme GaN USB c charger 100W. This 100W charger contains three types of ports that deliver 100 Watt as its maximum. If you are using a type A port and type C port, it can change the capacity of the charging speed.

    Type C port at the bottom will give 30 watts instead of 60 watts. If you want to use a top type C port, the charger will split energy into 30 and 65 watts. In addition to it, the delivery of watts also depends on plug-in devices. If the device is 2.5 watts of an earbud, the charger will deliver the rest of the watt to the other attached device. 

    Sometimes many chargers suffer from miserable high-voltage damage. Such circumstances have the worst impact on the effectiveness of your smartphone. That is why VOLTME has introduced a GaN c charger of 100W to avoid technical issues. If you attach the laptop, phone, and ear pods at the same time, it will give resistance to the high flow of current. 

    3. Efficiency of VOLTME GaN USB charger

    More often than not, this 100W charger, with the availability of three ports, has the existence of providing high power to any large device. The large devices have the premium problem of not getting fully charged on time. Yet, usage of VOLTME GaN c charger will divert this laborious issue. 

    Here is the best example! MacBook Pro 16 contains high powerful providing charger that avoids technical faults. In that scenario, no other ordinary charger can charge it for two to three hours. But if you consider VOLTME GaN USB c charger 100W, it will charge MacBook pro 16. Undoubtedly, it will take some hours to get fully charged. But at least it will charge, unlike other chargers.

    Therefore, you can rely upon this charger for MacBook without buying a special MacBook charger that costs you an expensive amount. Additionally, you can often play your MacBook and charge it simultaneously. If your laptop is powered off due to no battery, it will take less than two hours to set it. Problem solved! This 100W charger has covered all the latest tricks to save you thousands of dollars. 

    4. Usage Of Dynamic Technology

    The VOLTME dynamic charger is helpful to deliver high power to various technology brands including Apple. As dynamic 1.0 is the basic technology that delivers 12w output within 2 hours to any iPhone. On the other side, dynamic 2.0 provides standard power of 18w within 30min to 1 hour.

    voltme GaN USB c charger 100W

    But dynamic 3.0 is a prime one that is capable of delivering high power. Yet, you can charge your phone 50% within just 30 min. VOLTME charger power distribution is different for various devices which can safe your androids and laptops due to dynamic smart protection technology. Moreover, VOLTME charger can control temperature during the charge for the stability of your expensive devices. 

    In short, the VOLTME charger is faster and more secure to distribute power than any conventional charger. You can not only charge your devices quickly but also securely due to protected loops.

    5. Precautionary measures

    Voltme GaN USB c charger 100W with high capacity is created with higher protocol measures. The charger has three embedded layers that contain over-current protection. This over-current protection has a role in stopping the increased flow of current inside your battery. The second layer is short-circuiting protection. This layer plays a diverse role in creating barriers to any damage caused by the failed wire. 

    The third layer is embedded with overheating sensor. This sensor detects a high heating process to keep it impermeable from entering your device. You might have to observe the heated mobile battery after a charge. It is due to your charger not containing an inner insulation layer. Luckily, the voltme charger has an inner insulation layer to avoid overheating. 

    Silicon alternatives are also installed inside the charger, which is highly effective for semiconductors. Initially, it was used in solar panels and other related stuff. But now, it has become an essential factor for the working criteria of a charger. The size of the voltme charger is 35% less than the 65W charger, and the 100W charger is more powerful and effective. For your satisfaction, this product offers you a year of warranty card to satisfy your needs.

    6. Portable charger

    While looking back in the old days, people were required to have more space to keep their chargers safe from water and germs. The overall insulation has enclosed all the corners to keep it anywhere. Luckily, its portable feature has made your life easier by taking less space for storage. Therefore, you can utilize its features while going on a travel. 

    voltme GaN USB c charger 100W

    If you are confused about its proper usage, you will receive a welcome guide inside the package. Please read it carefully and see the pictures to understand it carefully. Still, you can contact them for friendly customer service 24/7. Inbox them with your ambiguity. Within 24 hours, you will get ensured with the correct answer. 

    7. Matched Voltage and fast charging

    The phone should match the voltage of the charger and phone to get fully charged. If the voltage is low, the phone will take a lot of time to have a 100% battery. The majority of phones ruin their quality when they are charged on a high-voltage charger. That is why it is highly indicated to buy a charger that meets the exact voltage capacity of a phone, as fast charging is the latest feature in the latest 100W chargers. Before you charge a random phone with a Voltme charger, it is the right thing to check its capacity.

    Voltme GaN USB C Charger 100W buying guide

    Before you purchase a 100W charger, it is recommendable to know all the information. The following points we will discuss will help you decide on buying a voltme gan USB c charger 100W. Many people like you are not good at decision-making. That is why everyone with purchasing considerations should know solid vital elements. These elements will boost your courage to buy this product with complete confidence.

    1. Cable length

    Every random socket is installed in different room positions whenever you go out. In that case, it can badly affect the actual length of your USB cable. Hence, you should select a 1-3 ft wire length to reach your room socket. If your wire length is reachable to the socket with difficulty, there is a possibility of your phone fall. In your travel series, you should have three wires with different lengths.

    You should carry 1 ft, 3 ft, and 6 ft wires for emergency cases. Contact the company through mail or call for extra cables to purchase it.

    2. Right Amps

    Along with the voltage match, amps have the same significance for your phone’s charging speed. If you want to set the phone up quickly, the charger should contain suitable amps. When the charger does not provide the proper amps, it can affect the functions of a battery.

    Moreover, it will slow down the charging speed of your phone. Otherwise, you will wait for your phone to get fully charged for the day. For example, apple devices require 1-2 amps a day. If it does not receive it, the charger can eventually ruin the quality of the iPhone.

    3. Thickness

    According to the technical approach, cable thickness should be preferred over thin wiring. The reason is that thick wires allow the high power flow to transfer to the battery. More often than not, the insulation layer beneath thick wire keeps the stability at one point.

    While comparing thick and thin wiring, thick wiring is more durable and fast in charging. If you are wondering about having a durable product, go for a thick cable. It will be helpful when you are using 6 ft length cable for distant areas. Now you can effortlessly charge your phone or laptop with no fear of falling. 

    4. Versatile facilities

    There are numerous features that some chargers offer. Some are perfect for remote or office-based work. Likewise, many are suitable for traveling. But in your case, you always wish for a charger with all-in-one qualities. Surprise! Voltme GaN USB c charger 100W offers these latest features with smoothness and uniqueness. All you need to do is secure the charger on a spotless surface. In addition to it, its foldable plug will not irritate you while staying in your handbag. 

    Voltme GaN USB C charger 65W

    This charger with a 65W capacity is famous for its fast charging speed. The only difference is that it will only stay on a fast track with one plug-in device. Attaching multiple devices in one go will take half of the day to charge three devices. Like a 100W charger, it has three plug-ins with limitations. 

    With the placement of v-dynamic technology, any device can be attached to this charger. It can charge all kinds of gadgets but with speed limitations. Its size is 50% smaller than the original 67W Voltme charger. In addition to it, this charger is highly associated with the latest GaN 111 technology.

    This newest technology is dedicated to giving a safe platform to transfer power to your phone battery through a socket circuit. Beneath the surface, the insulation layer is also available to protect power from resistance.

    Whenever you face complications in using it, you can contact the support group of the official volume company. They will stay in touch within 24 hours. Till then, you should read their manual to avoid misunderstandings.


    1. Provides safe charging

    2. Usage of GaN technology

    3. Supports numerous charging protocols

    4. Warranty of 18 months is included

    5. Premium packaging is applied


    1. It comes in one color
    2. Charging cables not included

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    Q: Are GaN Chargers worth it?

    It brings a tricky mind and IQ to manufacture GaN technology inside a charger. In a competitive world, every company is determined to utilize its effects on the charger. Because it speeds up a charger’s charging capacity, your phone gets charged in less than an hour. Sadly, not every company successfully uses the tactics of manufacturing GaN chargers. Therefore, you should buy a charger from a reliable and good reviews-based company. If you choose a good company for GaN chargers, your spending is worth it.

    Q: Does GaN charge faster?

    A charger manufactured with GaN technology will have the highest speed to charge your devices. Mostly, GaN charges have three plug-ins to provide sufficient space for multiple devices. You can charge a laptop, phone, and camera together. In addition, this technology offers other great features that keep the resistance level less for an intelligent experience. Some companies offer reasonable amounts for providing a good quality GaN charger.

    Q: Can I use a 100W charger for a 65w laptop?

    Yes, you can surely use a 100W charger for a 65W laptop. If your laptop charger has the high watts than the laptop, you can charge it at the fastest speed. If their wattage does not match, there is a chance of technical damage to your device. The same factors will be applied to amps too. If the amps are not limited to the charger, their association can evolve into electrical shock. Hence, you should read the manual before inserting the cable into the 100W charger.

    Final Thoughts

    Be proud of yourself! Because we have finished the entire topic with all the tactics. The case has discussed VOLTME GaN USB c charger 100W should be selected based on your will. We have covered every detail regarding both chargers with their latest features and hacks for effectiveness. Many people get into a mess in buying a product. That is why you will acknowledge yourself with all the 100W and 65W chargers specs. 

    Do you have any questions related to it? You can surely ask us through comment or email. Our team will soon reach you within one or two days. Moreover, you are highly welcome to share your user experience to engage others that need your advice. We will also try to stay with you on your expertise telling time.

    Until next time, have a good life ahead!


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